Driving “The Road to Hāna” is the highlight of any Maui vacation if you plan it well.  I can’t tell you how sad I feel seeing Hāna-bound tourists only at the 10 mile marker at 3:30 p.m.   I have been asked on the roadside many times “Were do we go?”  “Well, if ya woulda left earlier…”.

I first traveled the Road to Hana in 1983 after graduating high school.  I came to visit my best friends who had gotten married, and moved to Maui. During my 3 week stay with them, I knew this was where I wanted to spend my life and yearned to return.

I continued to visit the Hawaiian Islands every year until I moved to Hawai’i for good 19 years ago to help with the cleanup of Hurricane Iniki on the island of Kauai.  Eight years ago, I moved to the Island of Maui where I have lived along the “Road to Hāna”.   I suffer from a progressive and degenerative bone disease known as Osteonecrosis and as therapy, my rescued shelter dog Huli takes me for long walks and hikes while we explore Maui’s most famous road.

During our travels, Huli and I  have not only explored the gulches, streams, vistas, waterfalls, hidden pools and historical sites, but we have also met and chatted with many visitors and locals along the way.  Please let me share with you our experiences in an effort to make your trip more safe and pleasurable.  My content will be based on our experiences with visitors and locals alike, the visitor questions I receive on my travels with Huli, and from comments on this site.

Content is geared for regular visitors to the island, not radical adventurists seeking the ‘secret spots’.  This site is dedicated to Maui’s visitors as well as the concerns of the local residents, to keep their way of life, culture and privacy.  I disclose only sites where you should feel welcome and safe, as I have learned as a visitor, there are places you belong, and places you don’t.

Many thanks to Apple’s free iTunes U program and Stanford University’s School of Engineering, through which I have learned how to write a basic iPhone Application that you will be able to download soon directly from the Road to Hana iPhone App or from the App Store.

A special thank you to Joe Mellone, and Xavier Schott who so graciously answered my call for iPhone app development help on Craigslist.  Neither accepted my offer of housework and ditch digging in return, bless you both. Most of all, I would like to thank my brother Brent and all his support and encouragement throughout the years.

I hope that my iPhone App and this website/blog will help supply you with the most up to date and honest information to safely guide you during your journey on the Road to Hāna.  Your comments and experiences are welcome, but please keep them “family friendly”.

For more information about Osteonecrosis please visit the National Osteonecrosis Foundation.